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    What began as a veritable greeting card empire has now taken on a mind of its own…
    Jenny Sweeney started her graphic design business in 1995, and eventually made her way into the business of original illustration and custom invitation design. In 2001, she started a small, but superb handmade greeting card collection which grew quickly with distribution by retailers around the world including Target, Neiman Marcus and Paper Source.  She eventually opened her own retail store and added event planning which caught the attention and affection of celebrities and party seekers.
    After a period of struggling with major life changes, Jenny retreated from the world for a while and went searching for a different way to live and express herself. Forgiving, practicing gratefulness, and finding more time for exploration helped Jenny develop a renewed focus on her personal art and her studio space. 
    Jenny Sweeney’s art is sunny and upbeat, influenced by being a peace loving child of the seventies she finds inspiration in the natural would around her. Her colors are radiant and warm, and fill canvases with good vibes. Her messages are loud yet subtle and nourishing to the soul, you may find one rolled up in a shell or boldly written across a salvaged piece of wood that has been layered with spray paint in fantastic hues. She creates with a freedom that comes from wisdom and curiosity.


    Peace, love & ridiculous fun.