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    Everyone says that your belief system is formed at a very young age and that certainly rings true for me. As a child, I was a bit of a throwback with a fearless and fancy-free attitude. My mother was a pioneer of recycling when “green” was only a crayon. I grew up without the modern distractions like video games, internet or TV every night. Instead, I was able to hone my imagination allowing me to invent my day. I was a collector even at a young age and to this day, I surround myself with familiar things I love. I am a creature of comfort and I don’t seek out the overdone. I see the beauty in age-old, worn vintage pieces but with an unexpected glamour. I have a style unique to my flair for finding and making a piece to treasure.

    I find inspiration everywhere: thrift shopping, exotic travels and all things off the beaten path. I love turning my inspirations into something vibrant, handmade and playful - capturing life's moments that connect us - happy occasions, nostalgic moments and those times when we need a little extra dose of encouragement.

    I am humbled and excited to share some of my world and treasures with you.