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    How serendipitous! We placed this shell here in hopes that YOU would find it.

    How fun is the thrill of finding a small unexpected surprise? We are giving these one-of-a-kind snail shells (which we originally found on our own walks) a new life by nestling them here and there and anywhere on our life adventures.


    Because finding one can make someones day. It inspires love. And gratefulness. It's doesn't cost anything. It's simple. And it's just freakin' fun!

    We hope that the message you find will inspire you. The world can always use more love and kindness. We hope that this shell will help you in some small way open yourself to new possibilities and inspire you to always walk with your eyes, and your heart, wide open.


    We also hope that you will want to pass on your shell  Enjoy your shell for a bit, then place it in a new place for someone else to find.

    Hey, and we would love to see picture of yourself and your new shell friend, along with where you guys first met, to jenny@jennysweeneydesigns.com, so we can share your shell adventure.

    Thanks for playing!

    Peace, love, & ridiculous fun.