Inspired by Jenny’s love of 1970s glamour, sparkles, discos and music, the Disco Kitten Collection is for the girl who appreciates individuality, loves to dance (on sweaty dancefloors and in the kitchen) and isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. Each handmade and unique piece (seriously, no two are the same) has its own colorfully cool vibe and super power. Growing up with an eye for the smallest of treasures, Jenny became a saver and a collector of the unusual, seeing beauty in the tiniest scraps and gems. These tiny treasures and more are showcased in the Disco Kitten collection and once you put on one (or five!) rings or bracelets (we’re all about layering and stacking), we promise you’ll feel like Super Woman, just with more sparkles and more courage to say “Don’t F%@# with me!”

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