Welcome to my colorful world.

A collection of handmade and vintage, art and design, modern and playful with lots of hidden surprises. I find inspiration everywhere: thrift shopping, exotic travels and all things off the beaten path. I love turning my inspirations into something vibrant, handmade and playful - capturing life's moments that connect us - happy occasions, nostalgic moments and those times when we need a little extra dose of encouragement.  

I am humbled and excited to share some of my world and treasures with you.


Sweet collected shells with tiny hand written messages.


Introducing...the HAPPYLAND Collection!

A whimsical world of miniatures from out of my imaginiation.  HAPPYLAND is a collection of tiny friends, capturing moments of adventure, love, silliness and bad-assness. In HAPPYLAND, we celebrate life in all its messy, wondrous, zany details, and we do it with humor. Each HAPPYLAND sculpture is one-of-a-kind, hand painted by me, and combines my love of paper, illustration, vintage ephemera and all things tiny.

I hope you love them as much as I do.


art & prints


shelfie signs 

Shelfie Signs say it for you. Little reminders for yourself. Your Friends. Your kids. Your team.  Encouragement. Humor. Pick me up. Inspiration. Birthday wishes. Nicknames. Ask your bridal  Party favors. Whatever you can imagine. 


a to do list for every day

Add some color to your every day routine with these fun to do lists. Grab something to color with and let your inner kid have a few moments of glory. Or enlist your kids and their friends to color some up for you! 


with some of our favorite cards...


Life's so much butter with you.
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Surround yourself with things that make you happy. Browse our vintage selection of happy things for a little inexpensive pick me up.  Brighten up your shelves, your desk or your heart. 


handmade gift tags


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